The first of its kind Smart Education solution where missing a lecture is simply irresistible ! Taking the education system of the country to a whole new level because Edubox can make the same old boring lectures into an visually interactive, fun learning process.


Now 1st Time in the world, A Teacher can share recorded lectures with students, multi-cast real-time Videos and build the entire course in a digital library available to students anytime, anywhere.


A smart device with in-built Wi-Fi computer that works at very high data transfer speeds without any dependency on cellular or internet connectivity. This State-Of-The-Art device can create a Media multi-cast Wi-Fi network for any smart device user in proximity to share & stream videos, Music, Photos, or even chat with Tour Guide or passengers.


A Single Device Solution that allows multi-lateral exchange of media or text communication among existing Smart Phones, Tablets or any Wi-Fi enabled smart device just using the Mobile Browser.



Next generation smart device that creates a high speed network zone for users for streaming High Definition Videos, Audios, Pictures, Presentations or any other documents across any Smart Phones, Computers, Smart TVs used by Multiple Users in proximity of 300 feet.


Castit revolutionary multicast technology brings unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in the field of Travel Entertainment – Cabs, Buses, Trains, Group Education, Corporate Meetings – Conferences, Hotels or any group activity at Home.

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VuScreen is a lightweight and portable (under 0.5kg) smart device based solution. It being a carry in carry out solution, can be easily placed. Taking in-travel entertainment solution to the next level, VuScreen also enable users with seat to seat chat, placing food and other E-Commerce orders on-board making a passenger’s journey even more fun.


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