If you have a thing for entertainment, you are at the right place! VuLiv Player is your One-Stop-Shop for all your entertainment needs from both worlds of offline and online entertainment. Since we have so much to offer, we thought of taking you through the best utilities of VuLiv Player, below are a few videos that will help you fully understand the functionalities and other awesome features of VuLiv Player.

Retail Shopping Concept

Vuliv Inventory

VuScreen in-cab Entertaiment

OLA VuScreen Demo

Uber Vuscreen Demo

VuLiv Features Comparison

ImVu Concept – Maps

ImVu Concept Balloon

ImVu Concept

Native App Info Display

Vuliv – New Media Viewing Experience

Vuliv Live Better

Story of Screens

One Home For Your Photos, Videos, Music and Entertainment.

Application Intro

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